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The Department of Transportation (DOT) is the federal agency in charge of overseeing regulations and standards for organizations that conduct business in the transportation sector. Whether employers conduct business in trucking, railroad, marine operations, airlines, or mass transit, they are all subject to the DOT’s unique regulatory environment.

Abante Carrier Solutions LLC Consolidated DOT Services help relieve the administrative burden of employers managing them on their own. Regardless of the DOT agency you report to, Abante’s solutions offer a single-source compliance solution for our customers.

Abante’s complete suite of products and services are here to support your DOT compliance efforts.

DOT Mandated services we offer include:

Additional Abante Carrier Solutions LLC Transportation Services include:

             FCRA Compliance

DOT Compliance DOT Agencies Fleet Management & Reporting

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 Abante is a single-source solution to all your DOT compliance needs. Our services cover the following DOT modes / DOT agencies:

Electronic Driver Qualification File Management

Driver Qualification files ensure that your drivers meet the safety, health, and qualifications necessary to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). These days, everyone is challenged to accomplish more with fewer resources, and Abante’s file management system provides a convenient way for employers to manage these documents. By utilizing Abante for your Driver Qualification files, you can ensure they are all accurate and up to date, free up your resources to be used elsewhere, and remain confident that you’re in compliance:

Fleet Management

Carriers are subject to numerous fleet related compliance requirements including IFTA Reporting, Licensing and Permitting, Tax Recovery/ Reverse Audit, 2290 Tax Filing, and Toll Costs Analysis. Abante’s knowledgeable team delivers prompt and accurate information, reporting, auditing, and solutions for all your reporting needs.