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Drug & Alcohol Online Courses

Educating today’s workforce on substance abuse in the workplace empowers managers and supervisors to effectively use substance abuse testing to protect their subordinates.

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Online Learning Modules Customized to Your Needs

Abante Carrier Solutions offers easy-to-customize learning modules to meet your specific needs. All modules are accessible via any standard mobile or desktop web browser, available 24/7/365. The learning modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors
  • Drug Free Workplace education programs for employees
  • Drug program management training for HR, Safety, and Risk Management professionals

Abante Carrier Solutions Drug & Alcohol Online Courses is a cost-effective, low-maintenance method of learning to reach 100% of your workforce. Our Online Learning Modules are comprised of user-friendly content that enables employees to effectively learn and retain important information. Compliance tracking is automatically built-in, which will help you ensure you are compliance with federal and state mandated training requirements.

Select a Plan. Enroll Your Trainees. Start Learning.

Educate, engage and empower your workforce through dynamic substance abuse e-learning courses from Abante. Your team can begin training in three easy steps.

  1. Select a Plan – Purchase a course (accessible for 90 days) or pick a single subscription plan to have unlimited access to all courses
  2. Enroll Your Trainees – Log in to the user management system and enroll employees into the course(s) you select.
  3. Start Learning – Your supervisors and employees can learn at their own pace and access content 24/7 for as long as your plan allows. As an administrator, you can track completion status, view quiz scores, and print certificates.

Instantly Available Modules