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Under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), carriers are required to file a quarterly fuel tax report for distance traveled and fuel quantity purchased in all participating jurisdictions in which they operated. Exemptions include Mexican States, Washington DC, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canadian territories.

It is extremely important for carriers to maintain accurate record keeping for all IFTA and Non-IFTA reported vehicles. Failure to maintain accurate, readily available, and easy-to-understand distance and fuel records can allow an auditor to apply a default MPG/KPL to your fleet, which will result in additional tax due; including hefty penalty and interest. Furthermore, if records are found to be insufficient to audit, then auditors will most likely be back sooner rather than later.

The Abante Transportation Compliance team (ATC) is a turn-key solution for carriers needing assistance with fuel tax reporting and compliance management. Working with multiple data formats, including paper, Abante provides preparation of all applicable IFTA and mileage tax returns, in addition to free audit support for all returns prepared by Abante.

To help you manage your fuel tax reporting and compliance, Abante offers a comprehensive solution for IFTA fuel taxes which include:

  • Compatibility for both U.S. and Canada based carriers
  • Automated GPS distance processing
  • Monthly and quarterly settlement/broker reporting
  • Web based reporting with real-time access
  • Reconciliation of fuel, dispatch, odometer, and GPS
  • Reporting for over 60 items, including GPS, fleet MPG, fuel summary and detail, and Discrepancy Resolution
  • IFTA/Mileage tax audit support is included at no additional cost
  • All IFTA and State Mileage rates are maintained
  • FTP site provided for data collection if needed
  • Multiple service levels, from full service to self-service, to suit your unique needs

The Abante’s Transportation Compliance team offers a single source solution for all of your fuel tax reporting and compliance needs, with real-time access to your IFTA fuel tax database and reports!

International Registration Plan

 Information for Motor Carrier

 About IRP: The International Registration Plan (Plan) is a reciprocity agreement among states of the US, the District of Columbia and provinces of Canada which recognizes the registration of commercial motor vehicles issued by other jurisdictions. Motor carriers register with and pay to one jurisdiction. The fee is based on the percentage of distance traveled in each jurisdiction according to that jurisdiction’s fee schedule; these fees are then distributed to the relevant jurisdictions. Registered motor carriers receive apportioned plates and are able to travel through all IRP member jurisdictions. Commercial motor vehicles either alone or used in combination weighing more than 26,000 pounds (11,794 kilograms), and traveling in two or more jurisdictions, are likely registered under IRP.

IRP’s fundamental principle is to promote and encourage the fullest possible use of the highway system.

Registering with IRP: To register your vehicle with IRP apportioned license plates and therefore be able to operate in multiple states or provinces, motor carriers must register in their base jurisdiction (state or province). Contact your base jurisdiction (state or province) for specific information and requirements.